A Winter Wonderland!


Here’s a little known fact about me: I am a snowman collector! I use some of my snowmen to decorate the family room for Christmas, but come January I add more snowmen, and decorate other parts of the house.

We have had a cold and snowy winter this year, and today is no exception as 8″ of snow fell last night. I LOVE to wake up after a heavy snow when the snow looks like dollops of whipped cream on everything! All is fresh and white. It’s so “pieceful” looking outside, yet not having to go outside either since I work from home. Our 6 month old golden retriever puppy, Molly, loves to play in the snow! Here she is in the backyard this morning.

Today I need to finish writing the directions for a new quilt called “Cat’s Meow” using a panel and a new fabric collection from Benartex. I love to design the quilt, and writing the directions is my least favorite part of the process. This quilt is for the May issue of The Quilter. It’s a darling collection that you can view on Benartex’s site.

Tonight I have to venture outside (and hopefully the roads will be cleared by then) to go to a local quilt guild board meeting. I am the 1st VP for the Washington State Quilters – Spokane guild (about 500 members) which means I’m in charge of the speakers/teachers for our guild. Sharyn Craig is coming here on Jan. 24, and I’m hoping that more of our guild members will take her 2 classes while she’s here. I’ve never met her, but she sounds very nice on the phone so I’m anxioius to meet her, and spend some time with her. Have any of you heard her speak or taken classes from her? I would like to hear your comments, please?

Back to work for me!! Thanks for stopping! I’d love to hear from you!