Being a Vendor at a Quilt Show


Over the weekend Tom and I were vendors at the Tri-Cities Guild 25th Anniversary quilt show in southeastern Washington. It was in a beautiful convention center, and we had a wonderful time on Friday and Saturday. It takes a lot of time to get everything packed and ready. Tom is the Master Packer and manages to get everything in our Nissan Quest van. It’s a real adventure for us to travel to other cities, set-up our “store” and meet customers face-to-face since we operate an internet store daily. It’s FUN for us to actually talk to people in person who know my work, too. One lady kept telling her friends that she had made this quilt and that quilt of mine, and just loved my work. I just smiled and said “thank you”. Then she looked at my name tag, and said, “Oh, YOU’RE HER! You’re Michele Crawford!!” It was so delightful for me! I asked her if she could just stand in my booth and be my PR person during the show. It’s also interesting to hear the reaction to new patterns I’ve designed, and listen to what people like and want. When people ask where our store is, I say, “We have an internet shop”. Some people don’t understand what that actually is, and that we are open 24/7/365 and ship all over the world. I am amazed at the amount of people who do “visit” quilt shops on the net, and also the number that do not even own a computer. The BEST part of being at a quilt show is the sheer enjoyment of seeing amazing quilts and being with other people who love QUILTS!

Being a vendor at a quilt show is hard work, too, but it’s the guild who actually organizes the show that has done all the background work to make it a wonderful venue for us vendors. Hats off to all the members (and their husbands) in the Tri-Cities guild for hosting a wonderful show!

My upcoming blogs this week will show photos of quilts I liked at this show, and a wonderful display of antique sewing machines.