Easter in Seattle


One of the BEST parts of going to different quilt shows is to visit friends and relatives! Our daughter, Kelly, lives in north Seattle and we were able to spend Easter with her. It was supposed to be a sunny day and we were going to go to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival but unfortunately it has been so cold that the tulips weren’t up yet. We decided after going to church and brunch to spend a rainy afternoon at Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle. Lots of people were there! You can buy anything there! Can you see that we’re a little soggy?


These were the only tulips we saw! $1 each!


This quilt was in the window of a quilt store in Pike Place Market called “Undercover Quilts”. The quilter used a nautical chart for reference, and made a quilt of the Puget Sound. Very creative with amazing details. The yellow represents the land while the blue and white are for the water.


This quilt was also in the quilt store window and was created from a map of Mt. Rainier in Washington.  Fabulous detail!


This is one of the other quilt store windows. The hanging cups have quilted and embellished coffee cup “wraps” or “rings” on them. It is true that pretty much every corner in the Pacific Northwest has a coffee stand on it.


“Ride the Ducks” is an all-terrain vehicle in downtown Seattle that takes you on a tour on the streets and then goes right into the water of the Puget Sound. Very unique!

After being at Pike Place, we went to the University District Shopping Village by the University of Washington. Very upscale shops where they provide big yellow umbrellas to walk between the stores. This flower cart is outside a favorite store of mine called “Ravenna”. The photo below is inside the store. Gotta see my flowers!


Later in the day Tom and I drove down to Olympia, WA  where our son, David, and his wife, Heidi, live, and got to spend an overnight with them. The photo above is Michele and David at Ft. Lewis where David works. It was so nice to be able to see where he works as an Outdoor Recreation Specialist.


We were able to celebrate David’s 25th birthday 6 days early with lunch at The Olive Garden.  A treat for us!