Clamshells Aren’t Always Found on the Beach

* Skill Level: Advanced Beginner > Intermediate (for EPP)
   * This class is not for EPP beginners, and those attending need to have EPP experience.
   * You must know how to accurately measure; use a rotary cutter; and know how to sew an accurate 1/4”
seam on your sewing machine.

* Class Length: 3 hours (handwork is done in class while the project is finished with a sewing machine at home).
* Class available as Live or Virtual

There is so much more to English Paper Piecing (EPP) than hexagons! Learning how to create, and hand sew curved EPP shapes together with practice will open a whole new world! Michele will teach you her technique on how to create the infamous Clam Shell. She will show you how to hand applique each of  the 2″ clam shells on a gridded muslin base while sewing them together to make a 12 ½” square scrappy pillow top. Directions on how to complete the pillow are included.

* Please note that this is a FUN, stress free technique class; and the project will not be finished in class.



Please use whatever colors of 100% cotton fabric. Make sure there is contrast between the fabrics. The fabrics/colors noted in the Supply List and samples are for reference only. I recommend the paper templates from (270-534-5475 CST)
* Please note that this is a FUN, stress free technique class so the projects will not be finished in class.

Finished pillow size: 12″ x 12”

–  Eighty-five 2” clamshell paper templates (1 small pack has 68 so some can be reused) (link to paper pieces)
–  Eighty-five 3” assorted squares of fabric *29 red, 28 white and 28 green Christmas fabrics used in sample
–  12 1/2” x 12 1/2″ fabric square (pillow back)
–  18” x 18” square of muslin
–  12” x 12” square pillow form
–  Sewing thread – to match and/or coordinate with the fabric (appliqueing clamshells)
–  One Micron 01 permanent black pen
–  One 3” x 3” square of white paper
–  Rotary cutter, acrylic rulers (1” x 6”, 3” x 12” and/or 4” x 14”), and cutting mat
–  Basic sewing supplies
–  Sewing machine with an accurate 1/4” foot

General Supplies:

–  Hand sewing needle that is comfortable for you
–  Basting thread – 1 spool of any color of 100% cotton thread
–  One water soluble fabric glue pen (no craft glue, please) (link to pen)
–  Paper tape (Nexcare – purchase in a pharmacy) (Target) (Walmart) (Walgreens)
–  Small sharp pair of scissors

IF needed or desired: 3 mini clips, thimble, portable light, magnifying glass and/or bifocals.

Please contact Michele Crawford