Creating Hexagons Using Different Shapes

* Skill level: This class is for EPP beginners, and a *little handwork experience will be helpful.
* Class length: 3 hours
* Class available as Live or Virtual

Michele will discuss and demonstrate the basics of EPP including various types of templates and stitches used; hand or glue baste; plus fabric, thread and tools used. She will teach you how to create these individual basic shapes: hexagon, half hexagon, triangle, jewel and diamond; and then how to sew these shapes together to make 3 different hexagons. A short power point program on what you can make and do with these EPP shapes will also be presented for inspiration.

Comments from Michele’s students at Road to California 2020:
* “Very patient!”
* “She knows how to present materials so it is understandable by beginners.”

* “Very good kit prep. Excellent voice projection. Good use of visual aids (document camera with projector).”
* “Good instructions; excellent handout and examples.”
* “Thorough + detailed.”

* “Very pleasant.”
* “Special stitches were good information.”
* “Excellent examples and samples.”
* “Very informative.”
* “Very clear instruction.”


Please use whatever colors of 100% cotton fabric. Make sure there is contrast between the fabrics.
The fabrics/colors noted in the Supply List and samples are for reference only.
I recommend the paper templates from (270-534-5475 CST)
* Please note that this is a FUN, stress free technique class so the projects will not be finished in class.

Project 1

–  Three 1” hexagon paper templates (link to paper pieces)
–  Three 1” 6-point diamond paper templates (link to paper pieces)
–  Three 2 1/2” fabric squares (1 of color #1, 1 of color #2, 1 of color #3) *rust print, green plaid and navy floral fabrics used in sample
–  Three 1 1/2” x 2 1/4” fabric strips (1 of color #1, 1 of color #2, 1 of color #3) *same fabrics used for hexagon used in sample

Project 2

–  One 1 1/2″ hexagon paper template (link to paper pieces)
–  Six 1 1/2″ half hexagon paper templates (link to paper pieces)
–  One 4” fabric square *purple and blue batik used in sample
–  Six 2 1/8” x 3 3 3/4″ fabric strips (3 of color #1, 3 of color #2) *mottled purple, and blue with dots batiks used in sample

Project 3

–  One 1” hexagon paper template (link to paper pieces)
–  Six 1” jewel paper templates (link to paper pieces)
–  Six 1” equilateral triangle paper templates (link to paper pieces)
–  One 2 1/2″ fabric square *black print used in sample
–  Six 2 1/2″ x 3 1/4″ fabric strips *red and white print used in sample
–  Six 1 3/4″ fabric squares *white with black dots used in sample

General Supplies

–  Hand sewing needle that is comfortable for you
–  Basting thread – 1 spool of any color of 100% cotton thread
–  Sewing thread – 1 spool of medium to light grey
–  One water soluble fabric glue pen (no craft glue, please) (link to pen)
–  Paper tape (Nexcare – purchase in a pharmacy) (Target) (Walmart) (Walgreens)
–  Small sharp pair of scissors
–  Small rotary cutter, 1” x 6” acrylic ruler, and small cutting mat

IF needed or desired: 3 mini clips, thimble, portable light, magnifying glass and/or bifocals.

Please contact Michele Crawford