Explore the World of English Paper Piecing: Jewels

* Skill level: All – some hand sewing experience will be helpful. 
* Class length: 3 hours
* Class available as Live or Virtual
Virtual class is designed for instruction and project won’t be finished during class.

In Project 1, learn the basic skill in how to hand sew 6 jewels together to make a flower.

In Project 2, Michele will teach you how to make hearts from the jewels; and then sew the hearts together.

In Project 3, learn how to sew a center hexagon, and 18 jewels and together to make a star which can be appliquéd to a base fabric.



Please use whatever colors of 100% cotton fabric. Make sure there is contrast between the fabrics. The fabrics/colors noted in the Supply List and samples are for reference only. I recommend the paper templates from www.paperpieces.com (270-534-5475 CST).

* Please note that this is a FUN, stress free technique class so the projects will not be finished in class.

For Project 1:

–  Six 1” jewel paper templates (link to paper pieces)
–  2 1/2″ x 3 1/4″fabric strips (3 of color #1, 3 of color #2)
*orange dots on white and a Halloween print were used in the sample.

For Project 2:

–  Eight 1” jewel paper templates (link to paper pieces)
–  Three 1” 6-point diamond (60 degree) paper templates (link to paper pieces)
–   2 1/2″ x 3 1/4″fabric strips (4 of color #1, 4 of color #2)
*2 different Christmas red, and green prints were used in sample
–  Three 1 1/2” x 2 1/4” fabric strips (3 of color #3) *white tonal was used in sample

For Project 3:

–  One 1” hexagon paper template (link to paper pieces)
–  Eighteen 1” jewel paper templates (link to paper pieces)
–  One 2 1/2″ fabric square *yellow check used in sample
–  Eighteen 2 1/2″ x 3 1/4″fabric strips (6 each of 3 different colors)
*blue, yellow and orange were used in sample

General Supplies

–  Hand sewing needle that is comfortable for you 
–  Basting thread – 1 spool of any color of 100% cotton thread
–  Sewing thread – 1 spool of medium to light grey
–  One water soluble fabric glue pen (no craft glue, please) (link to pen)
–  Paper tape (Nexcare – purchase in a pharmacy) (Target) (Walmart) (Walgreens)
–  Small sharp pair of scissors
–  Small rotary cutter, 1” x 6” acrylic ruler, and small cutting mat

IF needed or desired: 3 mini clips, thimble, portable light, magnifying glass and/or bifocals.

Please contact Michele Crawford flowerboxquilts@gmail.com

Comments from Michele’s students at Road to CA 2019:
* “Very patient and well prepared.”
* “This is a great teacher.”
* “Great explanation, thorough!”
* “Helpful, friendly!”
* “Very informative and encouraging.”

Comments from Michele’s students at the Houston Quilt Festival 2019:
* “Very good teacher! Kit was great!”
* “Very informative with lots of detailed information.”
* “Appropriate amount of time. Excellent use of camera for demos! Would take another class from Michele. Awesome!”
* “Great individual attention!”
* “Great class.”
* “Instructor was very patient in answering questions.”
* ‘Thank you for showing options & how to do an EPP jewel.”