Happy Almost Spring!


Thank you for stopping by today! I know it’s been a long time since I posted. I have been working these days on NEW quilt kits for my site, and for upcoming quilt shows where I will be a vendor. There are lots of new fabric collections available and it’s hard to choose what I want to offer now through summer, and also for the fall. I love florals and a variety of coordinates as shown in the photo. This “springy” collection is called “New Vintage Rose” by P&B Textiles. I am working on a quilt kit that I will have on my site in a couple of weeks.

What’s hard as a designer that sells quilt kits through magazines and on her website is determining what YOU – the customers – wants to purchase! Will you like the fabric AND the design I have chosen? I am inspired to design a quilt by viewing the fabric first, and then deciding what the quilt blocks will be. I am color driven! There are many quilt designers who design the quilt first in black/white or greyscale and then choose the fabric. I am the opposite! I believe that when you see a quilt, you notice the color first, then the fabrics, and how they are used in the design itself. I also love to show quilts in different colorways as a quilt can “change” to you depending on what color the quilt is. This is why I have been showing an actual quilt, and then a virtual image in a different colorway on my site. It’s fun to have choices!

I would love to hear from YOU – my customers – as to what colors/fabrics/themes/quilt sizes that you would like to make and purchase for the next year. Do you want more home decor items? Smaller projects – wallhangings, table settings, pillows, etc.? For example, I saw a great new snowman and Santa collection but the background is goldy/yellow so that’s what color the snowmen are. I happen to like white snowmen, and Santas with white beards (not yellow-y ones) so I will not be using that collection. How about you? Do you want traditional or trendy looks and colors for Christmas? Do you want fast and easy projects (using panels) for the holidays?

Well, back to the ol’ drawing board (aka EQ6) as I’m working on a juvenile boy project today for a fabric company to show at spring Quilt Market.