Help Wanted


I have had the supreme pleasure of having Sandy and her mom, Kathy, piece my quilts for me for 18 years. They had been absolutely FABULOUS to work with, and have made my quilt tops  Sandy and Kathy
absolutely perfect! PLUS they are both the nicest and kindest people you’d every want to meet! Sandy (on the left) is an amazing woman who not only pieces perfectly, but gardens, cans, home schools, raises alpacas, is a volunteer firewoman, and has helped her husband build 4 homes. She is Wonder Woman to me! I know she has received all these great attributes from her mother, Kathy (on the right).  Sandy needed more of a full-time job with her 2 kids headed for college, and became an EMT so her mom has done most of the piecing for the last several years. Unfortunately Kathy developed a heart condition as of this past spring, and cannot help me any longer.

I have put off looking for someone to fill their shoes as change is hard for me, and I miss working with them! I finally started looking last week after putting an ad in the local quilt guild newsletter. I booked appointments last week and have interviewed 5 women so far.  This is a NEW experience for me, and I think I have found several women that will fit the bill. I know some designers do all their own piecing and quilting, but I am not a Wonder Woman myself. As a small business owner I know that my strengths are in designing and marketing so I need the best people possible for my staff to make it work. (Now I sound like Tim Gunn from Project Runway, one of my favorite shows: “Make it work!”) I’ll keep you posted.

Live well! Laugh often! Love much! Quilt daily!