Here Kitty, Kitty…..


Yesterday you got to meet my puppy, Molly, and today the “cat lovers of the world” get to meet Max, our 2 year old tabby. Believe it or not, both our puppy and 2 cats are the same honey golden color! Why? Because we like it! And then the animal hair on our clothes and furniture is the same, too!

Max, like most cats, loves to sleep on soft warm things – afghans, my husband’s lap at night while watching tv, and QUILTS of course!

The flannel quilt Max is on (in the photo on the left) is called Just Ducky and was a quilt design and kit of mine last summer.

Max is my “shoulder kitty” as he loves to climb up and sit on my shoulder while I’m sitting at the computer or sewing machine. It’s a challenge to keep him happy on my shoulder while sewing!

And while we’re on the feline buzz, here’s a photo of the “Cat’s Meow” quilt that will be in the May issue of The Quilter. The magazine will be out in March so kits will be available then.

Yup, the panel is the area within the navy blue “border. There are 2 frame borders plus a folded border, and an outer partially pieced border (I’ve never done a border like this before!). It is fast and easy to do! I machine quilted it, and then hand embroidered/quilted it with embroidery floss. I like the “puffier” look when you quilt with floss. Beads are added for kitty eyes, too!

It’s still snowing here so it’s a good day to put soup in the crock pot, and stay inside to sew. Have a quilty day!