Hurray for the Red, White and Blue!!


Happy 4th of July early of course! I love this photo on the right as the flag is made of flowers. It not only is a symbol of our country and our freedom but our ingenuity. I hope wherever you are in the good ol’ USA on Friday that you celebrate our proud heritage, and pray for the U.S. soldiers who are continually fighting daily for our belief in democracy and peace all over the world.

On that note, I want to say THANK YOU to my customers who are patiently waiting for kits from me. Honestly, it is a continued “sign of the times” that the majority of our fabric is printed in, and shipped from overseas. The fabric is literally “on a slow boat from China”. Gone are the days when the USA grew their own cotton, wove their own fabric and printed it right here, but there are very few fabric mills in this country today. Also, it is an economic “sign of the times” that there are more fabric companies printing less fabric for each collection. Many companies show new fabric collections as art work to their customers for their reaction before they even print the fabric! It’s the old “supply and demand” principle. No company wants to be “stuck” with inventory that no one wants so the fabric companies print less – maybe only 1,000 – 3,000 yards of one fabric for one collection for the entire world! Then to be reprinted they have to have orders and then “wait in line” with a company to be printed. So what I am telling you is that if you like a certain fabric, BUY IT as it may not be around the next time you go to look for it!

Why am I sharing this with you? I have had an overwhelming number of customers who are either calling or emailing me about collections from last year or even 5 years ago. It’s usually a project that’s been in a magazine or has been on my website, and they just found the project – they see it and want to make it! I really appreciate that they want to make my designs!! It is SO very hard for me to have to tell these eager customers that I’m so happy that they called (it doesn’t hurt to ask?) but that the collection is no longer available. Please know that I continue to purchase fabric for kits as long as I have orders, people are willing to wait, and the fabric is available! If the fabric is no longer available for a kit, I remove the kit information from my site. I DO try to let my customers in on upcoming projects in case they want to pre-order before it comes out in a magazine. With fall and Christmas projects coming out in magazines in September and October, my advice to you is to order early so that you’ll get a kit for what you want to make.

Back to staying COOL here in Spokane as it’s in the 90’s this week!