It’s May already?


It’s May 2, and where has the time gone? This is always a busy (and expensive) time for our family with birthdays, Mother’s Day, and usually Easter. My twins, Kevin and David, turned 24 on April 18; and Myk, my oldest son, was 28 yesterday. My daughter, Kelly, will be 23 on May 10, and I’ll be 54 on May 14. Yikes! How did we all get so old? Well, I’d rather get older than have the alternative. And, Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there!

I am in the midst of what I call “the quilt market crazies” trying to get all the quilts sewn, machine quilted, bound, photographed and directions written for spring Quilt Market in Portland on May 16 -18. It’s been an overwhelming experience at times getting all the details planned, and ironed out. We purchased a 10 x 10 x 8 pipe and drape system for our booth (which is on its way); and I’ll be fireproofing the table skirts and pole covers next week. Tom is working on a 3 over 4 pane window with shutters and a flower box display piece to showcase our patterns. All the accessories for the booth have been purchased or borrowed – flower pots, watering cans, and even a miniature wheelbarrow. I will post photos once the whole booth is put together.

Last week I had to put my “guild hat” on as the VP of speakers to host Linda Ballard as our speaker and workshop teacher. She spoke on using strips to create quilts, and showed a variety of strip quilts. Then she became a “game show host” as she lead our members (300+ in the afternoon and about 150+ in the evening) in playing “Strip Poker”. What a FUN game and mixer! In order to play we had to bring 22 – 2 1/2″ x wof fabric cotton strips. We split into tables of 5 – 8 with a card dealer at each table. Instead of poker chips, we “bid” on our hand with strips. Everyone enjoyed it! You could also play this with seasonal strips or charm squares. Linda is standing next to her gorgeous quilt called “Earth Wind and Fire” which uses 20 different fabrics in three color families. This was one of the classes that she taught.

Back to work for me. My two new quilts – Summer Romance and Blossom Delight – from the July 2008 issue of The Quilter are now posted on my website.