Join me for one of my educational lectures that last an hour and include a Q&A session for any questions. These lectures are designed for students beginner to advanced skill levels, and can really add some understanding on basic color choices, how to use up your stash and the basics of English paper piecing. 

* All Lectures by Michele Crawford are available Live (in person) or Virtually through Zoom.

* Hire Michele to present a lecture for your group, guild or show.

The Value of Color

1 hour including a Q&A time
How do YOU use color in your life, and quilts? How does color affect your mood? Michele presents a basic overview of the Color Wheel, and how colors can work together in planning a quilt. Discover how, what and when to use Color Value, the planned use of light, medium and dark fabrics, to enhance your quilt designs by exploring the basic use of color in quilts! Michele uses a power point presentation along with a trunk show of actual quilts.




Just Cut The Scrap

1 hour including a Q&A time

What DO you do with all you scraps? Become a frugal and “green” quilter by using your scraps and making quilts! Learn Michele’s “formula” – the more the merrier (fabric that is), to create quilts using Color Value to offer contrast, depth and movement in your quilts! Michele will present an informational and inspirational power point presentation of various types of scrap quilts along with a trunk show of her own original scrap quilts. Her mantra is “No scrap left behind”!

1-9-23: Review by a quilt guild near Portland, OR

“I enjoyed your presentation and you shared a few fun tips that I will enjoy using.  I especially like adding appliqué after the background has been machine quilted.  It is a pet peeve of mine to have careful appliqué quilted through with the all over pattern.  You are right, the wall or table top isn’t too fussy about the knots on the back especially in the interest of ‘getting it done’.  Taking a black and white photo of fabrics is another helpful tip I have just recently come upon elsewhere and your example is perfect!”



Explore the World of English Paper Piecing: Lecture

1 hour including a Q&A time

English Paper Piecing (EPP) is a traditional quilting technique used to fold fabric around paper templates, and then baste them together to create a consistent-sized shape that is much easier to sew by hand then by machine. Once these fabric covered shapes are created, they are sewn together like puzzle pieces to create intricate designs that can be used as appliques or quilts. Michele will discuss a variety of EPP geometric shapes and sizes; different ways to baste the fabric; and several ways to sew the shapes together. EPP is a HOT topic in the quilting world these days as it is a precise, portable and meditative technique that is FUN and stress free! A power point presentation along with a trunk show will provide inspiration to those  wishing to learn more about EPP!