Missoula, MT Quilt Guild Show


We have lived in Spokane, WA for 22 years now and have only been to Montana twice during that time although it’s not that far away. Tom and I decided to spread our wings and be a vendor at a quilt show in Missoula, MT this past weekend. The quilt show was at the Big Sky High School in Missoula, and this is what our booth looked like there. There is a small section to the left of the poles where we “split” a booth with our neighbors as the vendors between us didn’t come at the last minute. Extra space is always good at a show!!

I am posting a variety of quilts all week that I liked best from this show! I hope you enjoy viewing the quilts from this talented group of friendly quilters! It was fun to see the first three quilts shown together. All three quilters took a class with Jackie Robinson in Missoula, and it’s interesting to see how each quilt looks similar but different. It was a very community minded show as the high school’s DECA club earned money by making and selling food items, and the local Boy Scout troop slept in the school overnight to as the “security force”.

Here is a display of Christmas quilts all by the same designer. It was a great display!As always, I LOVE those scrap quilts! The quilt above was created with batiks, too.