More Quilts from Camano Island


Hope you got your taxes done and in the mail today. Now sit back, relax and enjoy more quilts from the Camano Island Quilt Show. Here are some more of my favorites from this show!

baskets-with-yoyos-242-x-30I love basket quilts! The quilter used yo yo’s as flowers in the each basket. Very clever!

The background was pieced first and then the people and leaves were appliqued on after the quilt was quilted. Lots of dimension.



The note on the quilt said this was the quilter’s 1st “art” quilt. I liked the way she added the beads to the bottom of the quilt.

This quilter did fabulous hand appliqued flowers!


It was interesting to see appliqued flowers on a dark background instead of a traditional light one. Very dramatic.


I liked the eight point stars used in this quilt with this setting. LOVED the tiny fans in the border, too!

This quilt was directly across from my booth during this show and I stared at it enough so maybe I got some Vitamin D from it.

We’re off to see the Wizard! I didn’t know that there were so many Wizard of Oz fabrics or images until I saw this quilt.

I just updated my website today with a variety of  NEW quilt kits, and patterns plus did a “Spring Cleaning” of my site so there are lots of quilt kits on sale. Hope you’ll stop by my site this week!