More Quilts from the Palouse


A blog is an interesting entity in its own right. You post your thoughts into the universe, and never know who is going to read it. Yesterday I received this email (condensed) from Jeanne in Washington, and had to share it as my post made a difference in two people’s lives which then makes it all worthwhile:

“Got on your site to look at the cute bright quilt from the new Quilter magazine. I bought the kit for Winsome from your booth in Spokane last year and love your work. I was reading your blog and looking at pictures from the recent quilt shows you’ve attended. Wasn’t really paying attention so much to where until I saw a particular quilt and thought, “They used the same pattern as Loma (my sister from Stanwood, WA)”. Then I thought, “Wow, they even liked the same kinds of fabric”. Then I noticed it was a Camano Island quilt show, put two and two together and realized it didn’t only look like Loma’s quilt–it was her quilt.  What a funny coincidence to have this happen today and how pleasant, as I’ve been very sick, am missing our extended family’s weekend quilting retreat and feeling just a bit sorry for myself. I got on the phone to call Loma and tell her she was famous. She greatly appreciated your kind comments about the quilt. Her quilt was the great Baltimore album type quilt with all the scallops around the edge. It was her very first time to put anything in a show. She had such fun picking the fabrics for that quilt at a quilt shop in Branson, Missouri. Loma had my mother-in-law, a longarm quilter from Colville (WA), quilt the borders and sashings and she hand quilted the appliqued blocks!  I thought you might enjoy knowing how your appreciation of my sister’s quilt made my day and then made hers, too.”

These are the last of my photos from the Palouse Patchers show, and I hope you enjoy them! Kudos to everyone in this guild for all their fabulous quilts!
Live well! Laugh often! Love much! Quilt daily!





img_3203webThe quilt below is a row quilt pieced by a small quilt group.






img_3201app-quilt-web1Now look at a side view of the magnificent machine quilting in this quilt.