More Quilts from the Tri-Cities



Good morning on the 1st day of April! All of the snow in our yard is finally gone now, but we’re scheduled for snow this week. It’s spring and the weather is sometimes weird. Have you every heard of “grapple”? A new word for me, and it’s a cross between hail and snow.

I love hearing from my customers! Yesterday I got a call from a woman in Virginia who asked me about one of my quilt kits.  She is a beginner quilter yet has sewed for years. She took a beginner sampler quilt class at a local store and almost gave up quilting as the store insisted that she hand quilt her quilt top and she didn’t want to because of the time factor. I gave her “permission” to have it machine quilted any way she wanted to, and that the “quilt police” wouldn’t mind as a quilt isn’t a quilt unless it is quilted. She appreciated my encouragement, and even bought a kit!

Here are some other quilts that I liked from the Tri-Cities quilt show this past weekend. Enjoy!






The above quilt is titled “50th Birthday” and is an amazing scrappy quilt! See the quilt behind the woman? It’s pieced, also!


I couldn’t do shows without my husband, Tom! Here he is packing the van after the show. Oh, the things he does for me so I can be a quilt designer!

Live well, laugh often, love much, and quilt daily!