More with Pepper Cory


IMG_3272---Pepper-speaking-Continuing with Pepper Cory….. Her lecture, “The Art of Real Scrap Quilting” was a feast for the eyes with her various antique quilts.  She’s not only a humorous speaker but a quilt historian that shared many tidbits of information about fabric, thread, quilt blocks and more. She is currently searching to increase her collection of Southern quilts.  If you ever get a chance to take a class from her, do so! You’ll be as pleased as all the students in our guild. Enjoy the quilts!


The quilt above is a Road to Oklahoma that Pepper created in remembrance of her mother.

The quilt above is the antique quilt, and the quilt below is the one that Pepper created to “coordinate” with the antique one.
Scrappy-Amish-quiltWEBThis is actually a quilt created by an Amish woman in Pennsylvania. You’ll have to email Pepper about the interesting story behind this quilt.

And, here’s the BEST photo of all! The guild takes the speakers to dinner in-between the afternoon and evening meetings. We always go to the Rusty Moose which definitely has a Pacific Northwet theme. Don’t Pepper and I (no, I’m not that short but I’m sitting down) look like we are having fun? Well, we did!