Dresden Fan Quilt


SKU: 195.

Product Description

Dresden Fans are an interesting way to use your stash or a specific color palette (as shown in the photograph) – an old block brought back in a new way and setting! The fan blades were machine pieced pieced; then appliqued to a base fabric either by machine (as shown in the sample) or by hand. The template free pieced blocks form a medallion in the quilt with 3/4 partial fans in the corners and a completed fan in the center. This would make a stunning addition to any room! Can you imagine this done in red, white and green?

Skill Level: Intermediate
Finished Block Size: 8″ x 8″
Number of Quilt Blocks: 36 (4 each of Blocks A – D, 8 Block E, 4 Block F, 8 Block G)
Finished Quilt Size: 64″ x 64″