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Creating a scrap quilt appeals to our sense of frugality and thriftiness by using and artistically challenging ourselves to use what we have! It is recycling at its best or being green. Scrap quilts appeal to those of us who are fabric lovers or fabric-holics since we can create quilts using special fabrics we have collected or those we just couldn’t resist buying! One can say, “Oh, it’s just scraps” but if you purchased that fabric, it spoke to you; you petted it, loved it, and had to have it! Each quilt is created from two easy to cut and piece quilt blocks based on using light – medium – dark fabrics.

With 100% cotton fabric at a cost of $9 – $13 per yard, it also makes you think twice about letting your stash sit on a shelf collecting dust or stuffed in a drawer, box or under your bed, and not use it! I hope that my quick and easy scrap quilt designs in this book will encourage and inspire you to view, use, cut, and sew the fabric in stash in a new light to create quilts that will bloom from your heart! Each quilt is created from two easy to cut and piece quilt blocks based on using light – medium – dark fabric. Enjoy!

June 25, 2015: “I just wanted to let you know of my experience visiting your booth at HMQS (Home Machine Quilting Show – Salt Lake City – May 2015). I loved the scrap quilts in the booth and your husband told me the patterns were from your “Just Cut the Scrap” quilt book and showed me how the blocks were made and the options available. I thought about the book until the next day and came back and purchased it. He instructed me to “Go home and start making some blocks.” I had a lot of scrap strips that weren’t big enough to do much with, but knew your book would help me put them to good use. I went through my scraps and cut the sizes indicated for the main block and sorted them by color value. I have made several of the blocks and they are easy and fun. Just getting the scraps in order with a “plan” for blocks was a big stress reducer for me. Now as I come to the end of a project with only small pieces of fabric left, I will cut them into pieces for your blocks. I make a lot of charity quilts and these blocks will be perfect for them. Your husband was right, I think it was one of the best $25 I would spend. Thanks!” – from Marsha

January 26, 2016: From Cheryl who won a copy of my book through the Road 2 CA blog: “Just want to say thanks for the amazing book! It looks so fun…can’t wait to make some fun quilts with my scraps! I showed your book to my quilt club ladies…they really liked it too!”

March 23, 2022: Our printing costs have increased this year so we’ve have to increase our price of this book to $29.00. 

Just Cut The Scrap includes 10 scrap quilt projects:

  • Just the Scraps, Ma’am (54″ x 72″)
  • Pieces of My Heart (37″ x 37″)
  • Remnants of My Garden (30″ x 42″)
  • My Bloomin’ Pillow (17″ x 24″)
  • Hearts All Around (60″ x 88″)
  • Stars All Around (56″ x 79″)
  • Leftovers (55″ x 69″)
  • Table Scraps
    * Place Mat (13″ x 18″)
    * Table Runner (13″ x 48″)
  • Double Split (49″ x 58″)
  • Bits ‘n Pieces (53″ x 60″)