Mixing English Paper Piecing Shapes: Rose Star : EPP-6-071421


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Class Date: July 14, 2021

Class Time: 5pm – 8pm PST

* Skill Level: Advanced Beginner > Intermediate (for EPP)
  * This class is not for EPP beginners, and those attending need to have EPP experience.
  * You must know how to accurately measure; use a rotary cutter; and know how to sew an accurate 1/4”
seam on your sewing machine.
* Class Length: 3 hours (handwork is done in class while the project is finished with a sewing machine at home).

Once you get hooked on EPP, you will discover that there are MANY different shapes that are used in creating designs with fabric and
thread. Michele will teach you how to create a hexagon, kit, half kite, and a hexagon third so that when these pieces are sewn together like a puzzle, you will create a variation of a Rose Star. Michele will teach you the flatback stitch; and how to use cardstock and/or freezer paper templates. The use of Color Value to make sections of the block recede or move forward will be discussed using a short power point program for inspiration. Directions will also include how to hand applique the finished design to create a pillow top.

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