Round 3 of the Quilts from Yakima


Here is the next round of photos of quilt I took from this quilt show. The first three photos were displayed behind glass cases and were created by the featured quilter. I especially like the two quilts in the first photo. The curved pieces in the quilt on the left are plaid, and it’s an interesting setting. The quilt on the right is blue and white which is one of my favorite color combinations. The workmanship is absolutely outstanding!



The next quilt is a “Wedding Canopy”, and was designed by a mother for her daughter’s wedding huppah. A huppah is held up by 4 poles and represents the presence of God as well as the couple’s future home. It also serves as a sanctified place where the bride and groom’s vows can be exhanged.


Here is a quilt that I would have purchased on the spot if it had been for sale. I just love it, and it would go well in my home as I collect small wooden houses.

I liked the combination of the pieced and appliqued blocks in the hand quilted quilt below. Very springy looking! And, the border is interesting, too!


Here is a close-up of the bottom corner as an FYI. 


I hope you will stop back tomorrow to view the last of the quilts from this show. Happy quilting for today!