From Crumb Quilting to No Scrap Left Behind, we have a selection of scrappy classes that will teach you ways to use your stash, match colors for best results and to create flow in your quilt, and find scrap patterns that fit your style. “No scrap left behind” is my mantra!

* All of the Scrappy Classes are offered Live (in person) or Virtually through Zoom.
* All classes feature original designs by Michele Crawford for Flower Box Quilts.
* All of Michele’s classes include her tips and techniques for accurate cutting,
piecing, pinning and pressing.
* All students will need to purchase the pattern for each class.
* Hire Michele to teach for your group, guild or show.

Crumb Quilting

Skill level: All – must know how to use a rotary cutter, and sew a 1/4″ seam.
Class length: 3 hours
* Class available as Live or Virtual

What DO you do with all those leftover scraps? Be frugal and thrifty by recycling your scraps! A totally FUN and creative class using the smallest scraps; (strips, squares, trimmed triangles, or wonky shapes and sizes, etc.) that you have – the ones you usually throw away because you don’t know what to do with them! This is stress free quilting at its finest! Students will be piecing (crazily, that is) 4 1/2″ squares to make a sashed and bordered 25″ square wall hanging.

Comments from Michele’s students at Quilt Festival in Houston 2019:
* “I will take another class with Michele.”
* “WONDERFUL Class! Great FUN! Challenging to ‘let go’ but glad I did!”
* “Michele was wonderful in spite of having to change classrooms at the last minute, and set up in a hurry. Very enjoyable and fun class!”
* “FUN class that me operate outside of my comfort zone.”
Awesome class. Love using my scraps!”
* “Thank you for your kindness and patience!””

Just Cut The Scraps, Ma’am!

Skill level: All levels
Class length: 3 or 6 hours
* Class Available as Live or Virtual

Do you have a fabric stash that you don’t know what to do with? Learn Michele’s formula, “the more the merrier”, for creating 10 quick and easy scrap quilts from her book, Just Cut The Scrap, using 1 basic block 6 1/2″ x 12 1/2″ featuring light, medium and dark fabrics. She will teach you how to use Color Value in creating contrast, depth and movement in your scrap quilts. This class includes a short power presentation and trunk show of scrap quilts for inspiration. 





 Scrappy Hearts Square

Skill level: Intermediate
Class length: 6 hours
* Class Available as Live or Virtual

What do you do with all those leftover scraps? Dig deep into your 100% cotton scraps – fat quarters. charm packs or jelly rolls depending on how scrappy you want your quilt to be! Michele will discuss Color Value (using light, medium and dark fabrics) so that you can add contrast to your quilt blocks. Learn how to create a bias vine; then hand or machine applique it. For the hearts, learn how to do a raw edge fusible process; and then hand or machine applique to complete the 30″ square quilt top. Perfect as a small table topper or wall hanging!




 Split Personality

Skill level: Advanced Beginner
Class length: 3 or 6 hours
* Class Available as Live or Virtual

This is a scrap bustin’ and scrap lover’s delight class! You will need to dig through your stash for 66 different 12″ squares plus a contrasting fabric. Michele will show you how to cut, piece and sew the 8″ x 8″ finished square quilt blocks for the large quilt; and then use the “leftovers” to create 2 more projects – a small quilt and a pillow. * This is a technique class, and students will not complete all of the blocks needed for all 3 projects in this class. The goal is for students to complete 3 – 4 blocks for each of the projects in class.





Scrappy Carpenter Square

Skill level: Advanced Beginner – Intermediate
Class length: 3 or 6 hours
* Class Available as Live or Virtual

This is definitely a quilt block where you need to be absolutely accurate in your rotary cutting and piecing as students will be working with 1″ wide strips. This is a template free quilt by sewing strips to strips; sub-cutting and then sewing back together to create the 12″ square finished block. This is a 47″ square wall hanging where 5 blocks are sewn in one color way, and the other 4 blocks are created in a complimentary color way. Once the blocks are sewn together, there is a large “open” area for hand or machine quilting to compliment the design. A scrappy “piano key” type border is added after a frame border to complete the quilt.




Spontaneous Log Cabin

Skill level: All – must know how to use a rotary cutter, and sew a 1/4″ seam.
Class length: 3 hours
* Class Available as Live or Virtual

Let’s have FUN with your scraps! This is a stress free way to create a FABULOUS scrappy log cabin block (12″ x 12″ square or 15″ x 15″ square finished) in a creative non-traditional way. Make your squares from the same color family OR in light/medium/dark fabrics. Discussion on how to make 7 different quilt sizes with this block.


Comments from Michele’s students at Road to CA 2018:
* “This was a fun, non-stressful, enjoyable class – especially one at the end of a long day. Perfect!”
* “Very good teacher!”
* “Well written instructions + instructor participation with students; creative class.”
* “Teacher was very thorough in explanation of class; gave individual attention as needed.”
* “Teacher was very helpful; helping on a one-to-one basis was great.”
* “Very encouraging.”
* “Michele did a good job of getting around to all of the students during class.”
* “Great hand out – will be good to refer to at home. Good one on one attention.”
* “Learned a new way to use scraps.”
* “I loved learning new ways to make scrappy quilts.”
* “Class was interesting. Not my kind of class – I need more order to my quilting.”
* “Really had be thinking out of the box.”
* “It was relaxing and easy.”
* “Fun, non-stressful. This was my second class with Michele.”
* “Michele made learning fun & free.”

No Scrap Left Behind Mystery Quilt

Skill level: All – must know how to use a rotary cutter, and sew a 1/4″ seam accurately.
Class length: 6 hours
* Class Available as Live or Virtual
Ok, how many fabric scraps does one really need? Do you want to actually use your fabric stasch to sew NEW quilt blocks? Come join Michele for her 1st Mystery Quilt where you will crate a variety of scrappy quilt blocks (your choice of 3 different sizes) that can be sewn together to make a variety of quilt sizes. You will need to sew scrappy strip sections at home using light, medium and dark fabrics to bring to class where the FUN will begin! A variety of quilt layouts will be shown and discussed so the students can decide how many blocks, and what size quilt they want to eventually make. A scrappy pieced binding will finish off the quilt!