Crumb Quilted Sticks

Skill level: All – must know how to use a rotary cutter, and sew a 1/4″ seam.
Class length: 3 hours
* Class available as Live or Virtual
Virtual class will teach crumb technique only, the project won’t be finished in class.

What DO you do with all those leftover scraps? Crumb quilts are the ultimate scrap fabric projects because you are using what you already have in order to create your own fabric! There is no one set way to use “crumbs” – the tiniest amounts of scraps (strips, squares, trimmed triangles, funky sizes, etc.) that you have – the ones you usually throw away because you don’t know what to do with them! Remember, those crumbs (of fabric) cost just as much per yard as the original fabric you bought that they came from! NO rules here except to use a ¼” seam allowance. Add fabric to connect your crumb quilted strips in different ways! Machine quilt each strip by sewing 1/4″ multiple times on each side. Create any size quilt you want by adding more blocks horizontally and/or vertically.

* Please note that this is a FUN, stress free technique class; and the project will not be finished in class.

Like this pattern? Find it here




Comments from Michele’s students at the Houston Quilt Festival 2022:
  • “Great class!”
  • “What fun!”
  • “Really liked the use of the projector to show her work on the screen for all students to see. Very organized + clear instructions.”
  • “Thank you! Great class!”
  • “This class was so much fun!”
  • “This was a fun class with inspiration for using up all your scrap fabric.”
  • “Michele’s presentation – camera, etc. – was great for visibility. Great class!”
  • “Michele’s enthusiasm was evident and contagious. I loved it.”
  • “Enjoyed the class and I will finish this quilt.”