Spring Has Sprung


This image  was on a card from a customer and I love the  “springy” look! I LOVE tulips, and birdhouses! I actually have a collection of birdhouses that I use indoors on my kitchen counter. Today is sunny with blue skies and is supposed to be in the 50″s. The neighbor across the street has a variety of crocuses popping up, too! Ah….. spring!

As for my “quilting news”, I have been receiving interesting  daily posts from Penny Halgren at www.How-to-Quilt.com. Today’s post answered the question, “Do you wash your fabric before you begin to sew?” that many quilters ask me so I thought I’d share her response.

Penny writes, “…quilters always pre-wash their fabric – for many reasons:
1) To remove all of the sizing and make the fabric easier to handle
2) To make sure that none of your fabric will shrink in your quilt. Sometimes some pieces shrink while others don’t, causing puckers
3) The color bleeds out of some fabric, and pre-washing prevents the fabric from bleeding into other fabric in your quilt. (It’s very sad when the beautiful red bleeds into the nice, crisp white!)
4) To remove all of the chemicals that people might be sensitive to.

For years I thought that all “knowing” quilters pre-washed their fabric. Then once (during an Eavesdrop on a Telephone Conversation interview), I asked a professional quilter whether she pre-washed her fabric. The answer amazed me.

She said that she did, but that there were plenty of professional quilters who did not – and had some very strong feelings about it.
1) Some like the “puckery” look when the fabric shrinks just a little.
2) Others like to have the fabric stiff as they sew. And if they are making a wall hanging, they find the fabric looks better on the wall, if it hasn’t been washed.

Thank you for the information, Penny!