The Last of the Quilts from Missoula


The quilt show was held in two different gyms, a multi-purpose room and several hallways in the high school. I liked how they used signs with flowers (of course) to let the attendees know where to go. And, of course, what quilter doesn’t want to follow a sign that says “MORE QUILTS”?

LOVE this quilt! The design is by Judy Niemeyer and is a scrappy paper pieced quilt that is fabulous in person! The workmanship is incredible.

Ok, you might know by now that I love scrappy quilts and this one looks old but doesn’t have reproduction fabrics in it at all. The circle blocks are actually a variation of a Dresden plate block. Nice contrast and movement in this quilt.

Being a vendor at a quilt show is a LOT of hard work! A lot of packing, hauling, unpacking, setting up, repacking and hauling again! Besides all the quilts, patterns, notions, stationery, fabric, and props, we also take the poles, curtains, table skirts, and sometimes the tables and chairs! You always hope that you take home less than what you brought! My husband, Tom, is indeed the “Master Packer”. Everything in the booth gets packed into our Nissan Quest van with just enough room for us in the front seats. It is a lot of hard work but we get to meet a lot of very nice people who love quilts “almost as much as I do”!! Can’t think of a better way to spend a weekend!