The Last of the Quilts from Sequim


Here it is August 8, and I’m posting the last of the photos from the Sequim show. Time flies! In-between I have designed and created 3 projects for Quilting for Christmas 2008, cut kits and filled orders, and Tom and I were vendors at the Eureka, MT quilt show (which will be on my next blog).

The Sunbonnet Sue Quilt Club has two separate groups within the club: an Applique Society and an Art Quilt group. Today’s focus is on the art quilts with dolls as art quilts, too. Again, the photos just do not do the quilts justice as you cannot really see all the intricate thread painting, three dimensional effects with fabric, and embellishments that you can see in person. Fabulously creative quilts! Enjoy! Be inspired to try something new with your quilting!